Application Hosting without problems :)

Ready to experience much more than just a control panel for site management?

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Time of Releasing the time

Traceable system

Be able to follow the system 24/7 and proactively intervene.

Continuous security check

Be able to control any available deficits by continuous simple security scan.

Automated server processes

If need to have a very important update, it is able install the server from the beginning and move the sites.

Automatic update

Updates can be made by us as within the scope of service.

Would you like to have differentiate your server experience with new features?

Ready to experience much more than using a control panel or third-party services for site management. You have experienced old and problematic services that come with the panels many times. Instead of wasting unnecessary resources, try the server image with features.

PlusClouds Managed Application Hosting Features

  • No control panel inside, managed directly from the console.
  • No third party application that will affect performance because there is no panel.
  • Resource requirement reduces by half because there are no services connected to the panel.
  • No security holes inherited from panels like cPanel etc.
  • Instant synchronization in between datacenters.
  • We get three times better performance in database operations because Galera (MariaDB) is used in the database.
  • 3 times faster than the average. installation with 4 times less resource.
  • You will have entry-level CDN.
  • Web Application Firewall can be installed on-demand.