PlusClouds not only predict but also prevent the disaster.

Do you want to continue your work without any intervention in disaster situations with our “Active-Active DR” Disaster Recovery product?

Save me!

Disaster Recovery Design

Minimum or no downtime

Your application is configured and maintained such a way that your application experience minimum or no downtime.

Installed at least 2 DCs

Your applications positioned and installed at least in two different data centers to keep your business continue.

Both Microsoft and Linux support

PlusClouds engineers have expertise on building replicated environments for both Microsoft and Linux based applications.

“Backup DR” or “Active-Active DR” Technical Qualification

Thanks to our “LEO Automation” tool, we are the only company in Turkey and in our region can provide “Disaster Recovery” service without having to pay any license fee. All data centers that we provide Disaster Recovery service are end-to-end redundant. Such as all the electric generators, ups infrastructure, servers, storage systems, security systems and security systems modules. Over the past years, the last 3.5 year uptime of the system is 100%. (Except electrical-based disaster in data centers.) In the event of disaster, PlusClouds is the only company can bring up the systems without losing any data.

Creating the Risk Analysis Chart

PlusClouds create risk analysis of your company. While doing these analyzes, not only how long you tolerate stopping the systems also going down to the details of the work you do and your industry.

Presenting the proper services

  After creating the risk analysis graph, we present our product alternatives according to the related report. According to the risk analysis, we decide together one of our solution “Backup DR” or “Active-Active DR”.


We think that performing “Disaster Recovery” tests is more important than purchasing this service.

Case Study

In particular, we use our “Active-Active DR” product for erp, applications and e-commerce sites where data entry is too much and very significant. According to customer’s risk graph, we're starting to run its entire system active-active synchronized in double or more data centers at the same time. In this way, if there is a problem in any data center, the other one is activated. So that, without any intervention all web site sales or data entries continues without any disruption. After solving the problem, the system synchronize both data centers without any intervention.