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Our mission, the starting point of our ideas, our story of taking part in cloud computing and our steps towards our goals.

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Briefly Plusclouds

PlusClouds, established with the mission of making the latest internet technologies possible for all users, is a worldwide cloud computing brand based in Istanbul. For the first time in Turkey, PlusClouds began to suppley the software company servers and applications that need to move to the cloud system. Thanks to this system, users can create easily servers and then freely manage the resources of the servers by paying less.


For the first time, PlusClouds began operating in 2011. However, the innovations created by PlusClouds in the Cloud Computing area at Turkey provided that the young brand recognition across the country quickly. The report published by IDC Cloud Computing Turkey in 2012, PlusClouds has been declared as one of the new players in the Cloud Computing industry in Turkey. In 2013, PlusClouds was the first platform which software ca publishes their softwares in Turkey is software companies that. In this year, three companies began selling their software only through PlusClouds and Two companies were established to perform their business exclusively on PlusClouds. PlusClouds which is the leader of Cloud Computing in Turkey opened in 2013 abroad. It started to serve as a distribution point for foreign software companies. In the same year, PlusClouds also undertook foreign sales focusing on Europe and India and it accelerated its efforts to become a global brand in the field of cloud computing. Since 2016, North Cyprus Turkcell provided the cloud environment without paying any license fees with the service by building the virtualization infrastructure of the data center with LEO. Since 2018, PlusClouds has turned into a sales company from being a R & D company and then positioned itself with automation technologies developed in Turkey and in the global arena. We have started to provide virtualization of large corporate corporations other than telecom companies with the orchestration tool and to establish private cloud environments. Not only telecom companies, but also large corporate firms have started to virtualize the environments in their headquarters with the "LEO Orchestration" tool and establish private cloud environments. PlusClouds started its career in the Netherlands in 2018 and continues with opening offices in the UK and Australia in 2019. Lastly, PlusClouds aims to diversify its exports abroad by increasing the capacity 300% of the R & D center it established in Antalya since 2020. Thanks to its service quality, product range and reliability in the sector, in Cloud Computing industry in the next 5 years, it aims to become Turkey's flag carrier among the leading technology brands in Europe.

Best of Turkey

Developed Cloud infrastructure by PlusClouds is a 100% domestic product with 2 datacenter and 130,000 server capacity. PlusClouds is the first Coud Computing product developed in accordance with European standards. It provides the highest quality cloud services in Turkey to users through 26 dealers across Turkey.