Take control of your traffic!

Control your traffic both your internal and external traffic using NetGateway.

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The Product Content and The Benefits Of NetGateway

Make everything in your mind manageable and customizable.


With Proxy product, you can get your applications, websites and services behind gateway.


You can establish secure connections between C2C, S2S and S2C with VPN.


With this product, no need a separate public IP address for all devices in our house and connected to the internet.


With Cache, you can improve the performance and speed of your website.

Basic Load Balancer

Balances your services or server on your network with various methods.

Traffic Filter

Filters the internet flow of the servers or users in your network according to the requested settings.

Automate everything with NetGateway

PlusClouds NetGateway is an automation service where you can manage internet packets passing through your server from end to end. With all the services in NetGateway being Open Source, many things such as VPN, Proxy, Cache, Web and Internet that occur yours mind can automatically be done by PlusClouds standards.