Load Balancer

Application Load Balancer designed by PlusClouds Engineers, focused on highly scalable critical applications like e-commerce and high traffic web sites.

Balance your load

Load Balancer

The main features that will come to your system with PlusClouds Load Balancer

Customizable configuration

As the load balancer is built with nginx you can feel free to insert your own custom configuration.

Built on managed nginx

Load balancer is built on nginx and maintained by PlusClouds DevOps Engineers.

Managed by API

Load Balancers are easily managed from API and you can change the configuration on demand.

PlusClouds Load Balancers is genuinely made for web applications and high traffic web sites, such as e-commerce websites or blogs. With Load Balancers you can distribute your load in between your application servers with the traffic control features you are looking for. PlusClouds Load Balancers provides SSL support either self signed SSL, Signed by CA or LetsEncrypt. With just a simple config from the panel, you can change the traffic load in between servers or you can distribute the load when you scale up or scale down. Load Balancers also provide a speed enhancement for your applications when you turn on the static file cache enhancement. By this way your application will be streaming files from unlimited number of channels.