Have you ever experienced cross-cloud speed?

Increase the speed of accessing your site In just 5 minutes with our Website Acceleration Service!

Gain speed now

Domain Name Records
Quickly and easily create the necessary records for your transactions. Moreover, you can save your records with the life expectancy (TTL).

Use with All Servers
Use it with your PlusClouds cloud server or another server in another location. All servers have the right to be reached faster.

DNS Inquiry on Local Area Network
You can query DNS on your local network. Thus, you will not be affected by DNS Poisoning and DNS attacks while performing your queries at high speed.

Automatic Registration to DNS Servers
When you register your domain name in the Cloud DNS service, your registration is automatically written to our DNS servers with the following addresses and our service starts working for you instantly.

Ready Gmail & Yandex Mail
Use one-touch ready templates to add Google Application and Yandex Email applications.

Stronger with Leo
Add your records, Leo checks the accuracy of your records for you, if there is a problem, let you know immediately.

%100 uptime
The following table provides an estimate of what percentage of time your server will be available.

How is the website accelerated?

We determine the geographic location of the visitor and direct the request for access from six different DNS servers to the physically closest to the visitor. Thus, unnecessary analysis times and unrelated servers are eliminated and the speed of your website increases.

Easy Operation In 3 Steps

Create your free account.


Add the domain name to the Cloud DNS system.


Change your NS settings with your new DNS address from your domain provider (GoDaddy, Namespace, etc.).

Test the speed of your website after three steps. You will see it open faster.