Application Firewall

Designed by PlusClouds Engineers to provide affordable, extensible and easily manageable security.

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Application Firewall

The main features that will come to your system with PlusClouds Application Firewall

Low Speed DoS Protection

Some DoS attacks can make sites offline even without high traffic. AppFW will protect your from these attacks.

Manageable API

ppFW can be managed not just by human but also with your own application.

Configured & Tuned

AppFW is configured and tuned by PlusClouds DevOps Engineers, that is why you will not hassle with the config.

You can either use PlusClouds AppFW behind your Load Balancer or Proxy, or you can position AppFW as a gateway for your Load Balancer or your application.

PlusClouds Application Firewall is a managed and tuned implementation of ModSecurity with OWASP Security Rules, built on top of PlusClouds Load Balancer product. By using PlusClouds AppFW you will be securing your application from various different attacks like: SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion, PHP Code Injection. With pre-installed and maintained OWASP rules your application will be bullet proof.