Easy to use cloud drive.

It is a PlusClouds service, where you can manage the storage needs of your company or applications with network-based software.

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Connect any device to your storage area in PlusClouds

Simply create a Storage Gateway to securely access from anywhere and take, revert or even migrate backups and servers of your servers and clients.

Remote drive for hypervisors

Storage Gateway acts as a drive on XenServer, VMware, KVM and Hyper-V hypervisors to be able to used as a backup of remote disaster recovery drive.

NFS, iSCSI and SMB Support

Storage Gateway is a smart storage gateway that can be connected directly to your servers using wide-area network (Internet) with protocols like NFS, SMB, iSCSI.

Share files around workspace

Storage Gateway can also be used as a shared storage in between clients in a company or in an office using operating systems like Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Best for disaster recovery

You can take your daily backups by using Drive Engine and start them on PlusClouds when disaster happens.

Storage Gateway

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Create a Storage Gateway in seconds and connect your clients to start uploading to your own cloud volume.

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It is PlusClouds service, where you can manage the storage needs of your company or applications with network-based software.
  • Private IP address
  • Multiple IO capabilities
  • Connect to anywhere
  • Free upload
  • 500 GB download included
  • 1$ per TB download

PlusClouds Storage Gateway is a service that allows you to connect storage services provided in data centers in whole or in part, and then create different storage areas from these storage and use them in different environments.

PlusClouds Storage Gateway Automation can work with NFS, Samba or iSCSI, which is appropriate for your system. You can elect the software that is appropriate for your scenario and you can access the automation via the PlusClouds panel without having to connect to your server and enter the necessary information to share your directories or disks.

Storage Gateway Provides

Storage Gateway is the storage service of PlusClouds. Your applications connect to their files over a virtual machine or hardware gateway using standard storage protocols, such as NFS SMB or iSCSI.

Disaster Recovery Storage Installation and Configuration

Providing fast storage installation and configuration by taking action in unexpected situations.

Automatic installation and configuration

Automatic configuration of the storage gateway which is automatically installed.

Easy transfer and use of files to the cloud

Possible to transfer and use of stored data files to the cloud easily.

Customizable backup scenarios

Diversification of backup scenarios that can be customized on demand.

24/7 availability of backup files

Backed up files can be accessed and processed at any time.

End-to-end manageability

Each data and storage system you backed up in the Storage Gateway is fully manageable.

Saving storage cost

Providing high-performance service at an affordable price with price performance optimization against storage services that do not meet the need at high costs.

Reliable storage

Guarantee that data is not accessible and protected from external threats.