Murphy's laws applies to everyone

But you can be ready for all problems and bring back your systems alive! Protect your data against risks with the backup service. Increase the operability speed of your backups with the precautions you take.

Start securing your data


With the PlusClouds Adaptable Backup, we can set up your backups, manage your disks, make internal or public shares.

Easily manage directories where your backups will be kept.

Quick configuration & easy installation

Flexible backup system

Advanced file compression.

24/7 technical support

100% safe

Adaptable Bakcup

Protect data with limits or location against risks in the environment. Ensure that different levels of information and services can be recycled in different ways with the backup service. Do not lose data against any ordinary and extreme situations you are exposed to in this way. When something happens to your data, the backup service you get ensures that your data is restored as quickly as possible based on the size of the data available.

Storage Gateway is the storage service of PlusClouds. Your applications connect to their files over a virtual machine or hardware gateway using standard storage protocols, such as NFS SMB or iSCSI. With the storage gateway, we can set up your backups, manage your disks, make internal or public shares.

Simple Backup: File Backup & Database Backup

File Backup:
Method of compressing and backing up files to a different server or local.

Database Backup:
The method of compressing your database on a different server or locale.

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