Orchestrator LEO

It is an automation tool developed by our own engineers with fully automated cloud infrastructure, management and virtualization software.

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"Thanks to Orchestrator Leo and the 75 modules underneath, we have ensured long-term harmonious and effective use of each component in our data center."

3 Steps of Big Change

We try to understand your requirements.

If necessary, we design your infrastructure.

We install the application LEO


We start running it.


Benefits of Orchestrator LEO


  • You can automate your whole infrastructure from end to end.
  • You can orchestrate everything.
  • LEO is an orchestration toll that has the capability to orchestrate multiple virtualization platform like VmWare, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen.
  • You can automate services like DNS, VPN, Ansible etc..
  • Built in accounting and billing.
  • LEO does have events module. You can listen to everything in your infrastructure and behave accordingly.
  • LEO provides 100% REST APIP support.
  • It has active directory integration. This will give you ability to register all your users instantly by using PlusClouds authentication system.
  • PlusClouds has built in SDN and SDS support.


  • You dont need to pay for virtualization licenses or other paid software and you dont need to pay for additional support fees.
  • LEO can make you use every bit of your infrastructure which lets you to increase efficiency and performance.
  • LEO can manage disaster situations.
  • You can optimize and distribute your workload so evenly that your infrastructure components will last longer at least for 3 years.
  • No need to hire new administrators to expand your infrastructure and for your additional IT needs.
  • LEO’s 75 different management modules provides the agility to automatically maintain your end-to-end infrastructure.

Orchestrator LEO

Orchestrator LEO is a cloud infrastructure management tool and virtualization management software developed by our engineers. LEO is an orchestration tool that has the capability to autmate everything. Thanks to this tool, system administration requirements that are executed in daily basis now can be done by LEO. LEO procedures and events are 100% customizable to ensure compliance with the company requirements.

Be the king

Instead of being a prisoner of your work, make Orchestrator Leo do your job and enjoy the leadership.

Remove the limits

By using all the possibilities of technology with our experienced engineers, eliminate the limits of your imagination.

Play with your panel

We provide you an easy control panel. Plusclouds has public documents about LEO. So you dont need to memorize or learn everything. You can simply search from our public library for using LEO.

Ready for action

Plusclouds Event Module listens, catches and parses notifications. If any incident occurs that requires system administrators attention, Plusclouds LEO automatically starts executing related procedures.

Save your money

Maximize your productivity with the opportunity to invest in your business by greatly reducing your costs. The most important difference of PlusClouds compared to its foreign counterparts is that it does not create license costs for virtualization.

Ring the bell 24/7x365

Plusclouds Support Team has a unique understanding of cloud and automation, systems design, server management, automation, autoscaling and service design for applications. Plusclouds Support Team is ready to solve the problems for not be alone on cloud.

Be freed of the burden and focus the future

With features that are unaffected by hardware failure and provide uninterrupted continuity, set aside time-wasting issues and focus on your goal.

Leave yourself to the experience

Get ready for the reliable business process with modules developed by our open source engineers.