Make your app fast, redundant and solid all the time

Don't even move a finger to activate additional virtual servers or remove unnecessary items using Auto Scaling.

Autoscale my app!

Automatically grow or shrink your cloud by enabling enough virtual servers to automatically turn on or off to maintain the performance of your application.

The components of the Auto scaling service;


Auto Scaling groups applications to enable you to determine the minimum, maximum, and number of events you need to have performance-oriented.

Provisioning Script:

With the commands you assign to your applications, you specify all the details to be created for your application groups. New application groups opened due to application performance are also opened in accordance with these details.

Scaling Plan:

This is the timer option you bring to your auto-scaled applications. It makes it possible to configure applications by processing according to a specified condition or a specific time.

Use Auto Scaling service with Load Balancer to regulate the traffic of critical applications and maintain your applications performance at the highest level.

Before and After Auto Scaling Service

With the traditional method;
You can choose the traditional method to save money. However, as this method will reduce your computing capacity, your customer satisfaction will be reduced as this will cause jamming on your web / application servers.

With Auto Scaling service;
If you accept that the optimum method is selected at the maximum level, you can have the compute capacity in the amount and time you need, as shown in the graph.

Web Application

With the traditional method;
In case you don't need the areas you use with your capacity increase measure, you will continue to waste money.

Auto Scaling service;
When needed, the web / application performs the required capacity increase in tier and minimizes the increased capacity when not needed.